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Moisture resistant microbial penetration tester


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Leather moisture penetration tester

Leather moisture penetration tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

The purpose of this experiment is to test the ability of leather samples to penetrate water vapor.

2. Meet the standards


UNI EN 13515

EN ISO 20344:6.6

IUP 15

BS 3144

Method 24

SLP 25

DIN 53333

ISO 17699

DIN 53 429

METODO - 309 WI 009

3. Technical parameters

Power: 300 w

Location: 6

Timer: Record the test time

Fan speed: 1400r/min

Sample turntable: 75r/min

Weight: 45 kg

Size: 350 x570x450mm

4. Air noise

Noise intensity does not exceed 70 decibels, using muffler protection.

5. Functional devices

- Test bottle fixtures

- Ventilating fan

- Control panel

6. Control panel

The control panel has on/off machine function and test time setting and recording functions.

- Air switch (leakage protector)

- start key

Stop button

- the reset button

- the timer

7. Specifications and safety guidelines

To protect the operator and the instrument, the operator must follow the correct instructions before operating the instrument. The instrument is not dangerous because the motor speed is slow and there is no emergency stop point.

Do not touch the sample support system with your hands while the instrument is in operation. Follow safety specifications.


- Disconnect the power supply during instrument maintenance, and pay attention to abnormalities during cleaning.

- Please contact a professional to repair the instrument.

- Do not use the instrument for any other experiments.

Electrical equipment:

The operating part of the instrument is placed inside the protective cover to avoid any direct contact, and the electrical control panel can only be opened when the instrument is turned off.

Make sure the instrument is grounded.

Sports part:

There is no danger in following the operating motion section.

Do not touch the fan or the test bottle support while the instrument is in operation.

8. Transport instructions

The design of the instrument is stable, and care must be taken to pack the instrument into suitable cartons during transportation.

In consideration of the weight of the instrument, lift shall be used when necessary, bearing at least 50kg.

If the instrument is to be moved without packaging, special care should be taken:

- Avoid severe impact which may cause damage to mechanical and electrical parts of the instrument.

9. Instrument installation guide

- Ground the instrument before using it.

- Ensure that all control panels are operating in good condition.

- Make sure the instrument is placed in a stable support position to prevent falling.

10. Operating instructions

Follow these instructions:


The sample cup shall be prepared according to method IUP/3, round and 30mm in diameter.

In order to avoid mechanical changes, it is recommended to use a leather cutter for sampling.

Place the sample between the cup and the lid.

Install the sample

The test method

Connect the instrument to the 220V single-phase 50Hz circuit and push the circuit breaker button up so that the instrument has a complete leakage protection for grounding.

The sample is fixed by the method described above.

Turn on the experiment switch.

Set the experiment time, the test results are the same and uniform, and will not be different because of different operators.

The operator can choose a time scale.

At the end of the test, the timer will be automatically positioned at a preset time to ensure perfect repeatability.

Press the start button to experiment.

The principle of

(1. The instrument has 6 independent test stations, which are located on a rotating platform, and each station has a sample holder.

There is silica gel desiccant in the fixture, the test sample is placed at the clamping mouth of the fixture and fixed with screw cap.

First, weigh each fixture, including silica gel desiccants and test samples.

After weighing, place the fixture in the rotary device and fix it.

2. After 7 to 8 hours, weigh each fixture again and measure the permeability with the results obtained.

Under normal circumstances, the whole test process is carried out in an environment of 20℃ and 65% relative humidity.

At the same time, the testing time is recorded through a timer.

The results of

The results were calculated by the following methods:

T = test time, unit h;

M = the increased weight of the sample before and after the test, unit mg;

P = water permeability in units of mg/cm2.

D2 is the diameter of the bottle mouth, in mm


11. Instrument maintenance

Note: Disconnect the power supply before performing any maintenance on the instrument.

Operation method:

Brown parts should be cleaned regularly to avoid rusting.

The threaded parts shall be lubricated regularly.

Remove powder.

12. Possible problems

Timer not timed: Close pulse counter may be stopped in use: replace.

Switch off leakage protector: Possible motor malfunction: call technical support.

Please contact the supplier for any other questions.

13. Instrument Stop guide

No special considerations: as opposed to preparation for use of the instrument.

Label the instrument as "not in use".

14. Demolition

The instrument does not include any hazardous materials: when dismantled, follow the city's rules for solid materials.

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