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Brief introduction of joint fa...

Brief introduction of joint fatigue tester
Brief introduction of joint fatigue tester
Brief introduction of joint fatigue tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-14

Leather seam fatigue strength tester

Test range:

It is used to evaluate the fatigue strength of the joints of automobile seat surface materials. Automobile seat surface materials (leather, synthetic leather, fabric, etc.) are mostly stitching structure. The sewing strength of material seams and the fatigue strength of seams directly affect the service life of seats. By testing the strength and life of the material seam, the life of the seat can be effectively predicted and the improvement direction of improving the service life can be given.

Instrument features:

1. The mechanical parts are made of non corrosive structural aluminum and stainless steel;

2. Durable powder spraying and anodizing surface treatment;

3. Precision ball and needle bearings;

4. Programmable controller with self stop function;

5. It can be adjusted by inching and the test speed can be adjusted;

6. The height of the weight frame can be adjusted;

7. The distance between clamps can be adjusted;

8. The open and close protective cover can protect the hands of the operator and prevent the danger from contacting with the test bench.

Meet the standard:

Toyota TSL 5101G(3.7),GMW 3405,Nissan M-0154,Ford Motor Co. BN 106-02,TSL 5100G Section 4.22

Technical parameters:

1. Number of workers: 2;

2. The sample load is 3kg;

3. Speed: 30 reciprocating / min;

4. Counter: at least four digits (2500 Standard Test cycles);

5. Stroke: 140mm;

6. Test distance: 120124140 adjustable;

7. Fixture width: 50 mm;

8. Overall dimension: 13 × 31 × 17 inch (L × w × h);

9. Weight: 50kg (110lb)