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Zipper fatigue strength tester

Zipper fatigue strength tester
Zipper fatigue strength tester
Zipper fatigue strength tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-14

Zipper performance tester / zipper fatigue tester

Technical specifications:

Mechanical test zipper performance in accordance with BS 3084 1992

Lateral and vertical forces can be applied simultaneously

0-10kg vertical force

0-5kg lateral force

The test stops automatically when the preset force is applied.

Standard: BS 3084 1992 cns-1083


Bag zipper reciprocating is a kind of mechanical test for the sliding stability of the zipper. Under the action of transverse and longitudinal tension, whether the zipper can withstand the specified times of reciprocating pulling operation. During the test, the machine drives the zipper head at constant speed to do 30 times of reciprocating motion per minute until the specified number. Reciprocating fatigue testing machine for luggage zipper is also known as reciprocating testing machine for luggage zipper, reciprocating pulling testing machine for zipper, reciprocating fatigue testing machine for zipper, reciprocating testing machine for zipper, etc

Technical parameters:

1. Width of transverse clamping device: 25mm

2. Total weight of longitudinal clamping device: 0.28-0.34kg

3. Distance between two clamping devices: 6.35mm

4. Opening angle of leather case inspection instrument specimen: 60 °

5. Tooth engagement angle of test piece: 30 °

6. Reciprocating stroke: 75mm

7. Motor: 1 / 4HP

8. Counter: LCD, 0 ~ 999999

9. Machine size: (L × w × h) 280 × 550 × 660mm

10. Weight: 35 kg

11. Power supply: 1 ∮, AC220V, 3A