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Bottle cap twisting force tester

Bottle cap twisting force tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

The bottle cap torque tester is suitable for testing the torque value of bottle cap locking and opening of bottle cap packaging products, suction nozzle packaging products and hose packaging products.

Whether the torque value is appropriate or not has a great impact on the intermediate transportation and final consumption of products.

The bottle cap torque meter has high measuring accuracy and good stability, which is an indispensable test equipment in the production process.

Technical features editor (1) the system controlled by microcomputer, with LCD liquid crystal display screens and PVC operation panel, the convenient user fast, intuitive to check the test data and results (2) provide the opening force and locking force double peak of test model (3) measurement automatic stay, guarantee the accuracy of the test results were recorded (4) in standard test units and convenient data reference and comparison (5) overload protection, automatic reset, and troubleshooting tips and other intelligent configuration, ensure the safety of the operation of the user 6 with micro printer and a general data interface RS232, convenient data output and transfer all landowners support Lystem ™ data sharing system test room,

Unified management of test results and test reports

Perform standard editing OF GB/T 17876, ASTM D2063, ASTM D3198, ASTM D3474, BB/T 0025, BB/T 0034(GB/T 14803)

Technical indicators to edit specifications: 20 Nm (standard), 40 Nm (optional), 50 Nm (optional) : precision level 1 system resolution: 0.001 Nm clamping range: 5 mm ~ 170 mm (diameter) Φ Φ statistical quantity: 1 ~ 9 pieces (using professional software can reach countless times, and a variety of results is given unit, and statistics) shape size: 350 mm (L) (W) x140 x240 mm mm (H)

Standard configuration: host, micro printer optional parts: professional software, communication cable

Founded in 2011, Shanghai Huitao is a team of experienced engineers and emerging design experts. The company focuses on R & D, design and production of high quality laboratory instruments for textile testing. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company provides high-quality testing instruments and high-quality professional services for companies, academic research institutions and testing institutions of various countries.

Shanghai Huitao continuously launched products to meet the experimental needs of the textile industry. It has advanced microclimate comfort test equipment, such as thermal manikin, thermal and humidity resistance tester, MMT and other test equipment. Meanwhile, it also provides air permeability tester, hydrostatic pressure tester and thermal protective clothing performance test equipment required for new product development. In addition, we have developed and produced many basic textile testing instruments, including washing color fastness tester, fabric abrasion tester, pilling tester, rubbing color fastness tester, ironing fastness tester and perspiration color fastness tester. These high-quality products are widely used in textile testing field. In order to meet the experimental needs of users, we also provide you with innovative and practical testing instruments. The products include fiber tester, yarn tester, fabric tester, carpet tester, geotextile tester and other related testing equipment.

The company sells our products through distributed distribution partners who provide high-quality products, services and support to our customers all over the world. All the products are in line with international quality standards and specifications, and can perform outstanding and accurate product performance.