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Floor material combustion performance tester

Floor material combustion performance tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

I. Applicable standards:

ASTM E648-15 Standard Test for Critical Radiant Flux of Floor Coating Systems Using Radiant Heat Energy sources

BS EN ISO 9239-1-2010 "Reaction to fire tests on floor coverings - Determination of combustion performance using a radiant heat source"

GB/T 11785-2005 -- Determination of the Combustion Properties of Paving Materials -- Radiant Heat Source Method

Ii. Product Overview of the floor material combustion performance tester:

The test machine measures all kinds of paving materials, such as textile carpet, cork board, wood board, rubber board and plastic floor and floor spray material.

The results can reflect the combustion performance of the paving material (including the substrate). The test method is to assess the flame propagation capability of the paving material horizontally placed and exposed to the tilted thermal radiation field by small flame ignition in the test combustion chamber.

Three, the floor material combustion performance testing machine product characteristics

1, the main components are imported, safe and reliable, long service life;

2. The gas pipeline is reasonably arranged and equipped with gas leakage and tempering device. In case of gas leakage, the gas at the inlet will be automatically shut off and an alarm will be given.

3. Radiant panel temperature can be automatically adjusted, propane gas supply is equipped with imported mass flow controller, air output measurement is equipped with an independent blower, frequency conversion is automatically adjusted, without manual labor;

4. During normal test, the flame spread distance can be recorded by foot switch without manually clicking the mouse to operate the computer;

5. Adopt industrial all-in-one machine, convenient and reliable operation;

6. Adopt the advanced measurement and control software independently developed in VB language to centrally control the collection, processing and analysis of data;

Iv. Technical parameters

1. Radiant heat source: The radiant surface size is (300×450)mm±10mm, and the radiant plate can withstand high temperature of 900℃

2. Fixture of specimen: Made of L-shaped stainless steel with fire resistance and thickness of (2.0±0.1) mm, the exposed surface size of specimen is (200±3) mm×(1015±10) mm

3. Igniter: The stainless steel igniter used for igniting specimens, with an inside diameter of 6mm and an outside diameter of 10mm, has two rows of holes, 19 radial holes with a diameter of 0.7mm are evenly distributed on the center line, and 60 below the center line.

On the average, 16 radial holes with a diameter of 0.7mm were distributed on the line

4. Flow rate of propane rotor: The flow rate of propane gas is controlled at (0.026±0.002) L/s to ensure the height of ignition flame is (60 ~ 120)mm

5. Smoke removal: Smoke removal speed: 2.5± 0.2m /s

Smoke extraction capacity: 39 ~ 85 m3/min

The hot ball anemometer measures the velocity of the smoke exhaust channel, and the accuracy is ± 0.1m /s

6. Water-cooled heat flux meter: Measuring range of heat flux meter: 0 ~ 15Kw/m

Accuracy of heat flux meter: ± 0.2kW /m2

Accuracy of heat flux meter: & LT;

Plus or minus 3%

7. Temperature sensor: K type stainless steel thermocouple with a diameter of 3.2mm.

It is installed in the radiation test box of paving material and a flue (150±2)mm away from the top of the flue of the box

8. Radiation pyrometer: the test range is (480 ~ 530)℃ (black body temperature), the accuracy is ±0.5℃, it is about 1.4 m away from the radiation plate, the sensitivity of radiation pyrometer is constant in the wavelength of 1 m to 9 m

9. Supply voltage: AC380V three-phase five-wire system

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