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Hexapod cylinder tester for carpet

Hexapod cylinder tester for carpet
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Introduction to the hexapod drum tester

The Hexapod cylinder tester is a widely used instrument for evaluating the appearance retention of carpets over time.

It meets many standards: including ISO 9405, ISO 10361;

BS EN 1471;

IWS 247&251;

Wools of New Zealand 247&251.


Turn the cover counterclockwise until the hole is aligned with the hole on the drum. Remove the cover

Install the sample inside the drum to ensure that the lining plate is flat and fixed by the fixed groove around the drum.

Check that the hexapod polyurethane nails are clean, smooth and free of any contamination, wiping with paper and appropriate solvent if necessary.

Place the hexpod into the drum, align the dimple and turn the cover clockwise until zUI is tight.

Connect the power and turn on the switch in the power socket.

Press or to select standard test mode, and then press Run/Stop to start the experiment.

If you are not testing in accordance with ISO 10361, choose custom mode testing and set the revolutions and intervals accordingly.

At the end of 2000 turns, the machine emits an alarm, removes the installed sample and places it in the central hole of the clean frame.

Use a vacuum cleaner and clean it four times, positive and negative, along the length of the installed sample, making sure it passes through all areas and dumps one time along the direction of the nap after ZUI.

Place the sample on the rotary drum and repeat the above procedure to reach any of the following revolutions:

12000 RPM, simulate severe wear for long term use;

4000 RPM, simulating the use of early appearance changes or less severe wear positions.

Use a vacuum cleaner to do the above cleaning.

3.8 The samples were rated according to the corresponding standards after being isolated, smooth and with villi facing up for at least 24h.

Warning: Do not finish a test, please clean the inside of the roller to avoid debris entering the bearing and causing damage.

Sincerity Smart

Conform to the standard

Project roller polyethylene liner hexapide clean frame

Inner diameter wall thickness inner depth velocity reversal time side length plate thickness diameter height edge radius liner plate thickness hardness quality outer dimension inner dimension

ISO 10361305±1 mm8 200±1 mm35±2 r/min15 Min950 ×215×2 mm50 25 mm40±1 mm15±1 mm15 3mm85-1003.8± 0.1 kg1000×300 mm940×200 mm

Product Name:

Hexapod drum tester

Application Scope:

Hexadecimal roller tester is a special test instrument used to evaluate the appearance quality and durability of textile carpet. It is mainly used to evaluate the appearance retention ability of carpet.

Basic parameters:

Brand: Gellwowen

Model: G301

Measurement accuracy: 1

Power supply voltage: 220 (V)

External dimension: 430×780 ×400 mm(W×D×H) (mm)

Processing customization: Yes

Main Features:

1. Used to evaluate the appearance maintenance ability of the carpet;

2. Bucket measurement with substrate;

3. Quick test: The experiment can be completed within one working day.

4. The roller adopts a reciprocating mechanism to provide a more realistic pile condition.

5. Required rotation times can be preset by a rotation counter.

6. 3.8kg drum has six polyurethane stops (if the six stops are damaged, seriously worn or can be replaced after two years of use).

Test steps:

1. Use double-sided tape to paste the carpet samples on the elastic lining, then fix them together in the drum, and they can be removed at any time during the test.

Add underlining under the carpet if necessary;

2. Take out the carpet sample and use the vacuum cleaner to simulate the actual use situation for cleaning;

3. Replace the sample and repeat the operation, usually six times, with a total of 12000 rotations;

4. After zUI is cleaned once, the appearance change can be evaluated according to ISO reference sample card.

Meet the standards:

BS EN 1471:1997, ISO 9405:2001, IWS Test methods 247:251, ISO 10361:2000 (BS), Wools of New Zealand test methods 247:251

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