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Headset clamping force tester

Headset clamping force tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Headset clamping force tester

This machine is specially used to measure the opening and contraction gripping force of headset. It can accurately analyze the relationship between opening and contraction distance of headset and force, thus providing correct basis for product development and design.

Features: The stepper motor servo system is adopted as the power source. The performance is stable, reliable and durable. The Taiwan silver linear guide rail and ball screw are adopted.

Precise test results can be obtained by using high-precision load bearing elements. Special automatic balance measuring device can reduce product weight error.

· Embedded PC-Box controller can set sliding stroke and speed.

• Repeatable test accuracy up to ±25 g.

Equipment technical parameters: test station 1 load precision: ±0.5% load capacity 5Kg or 10Kg unit switch: kgv.n.l pf minimum display force: 0.001kg column test spacing: (configurable) range of movement speed: 50~500mm/min (configurable) machine size: 600(W)x450(D)x530(H)mm machine weight: 30Kg power supply: AC /span>

First, the headset clamping force tester equipment purpose

This machine is suitable for the performance test such as the clamping force of earphone.

Ii. Features of the headset Clamping force tester

The machine adopts mechronics design, small volume, high precision, strong reliability, easy to set, easy to operate, easy to use, reliable performance, fast test, horizontal structure, panel operation, intuitive, easy to learn, easy to operate, fast test speed

Value test - give the test process value, the test value LED dynamic display, stepless speed regulation

Electronic clock is built in to facilitate temporal analysis of statistical test results.

Optional (miniature printer, printing test name, test value, test time) and ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other international standards compatible

Microcomputer control, LED digital display, professional measurement and control software support

1. Intelligent working condition prompts and complete safe operation protection system

2, electronic speed regulation, *** set the test speed of all grades

3. Compatible with ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other international standards

Three, the headset clamping force tester structure principle

The machine adopts horizontal structure, drives the load collet with high precision gear reduction and speed regulating motor, and the loading performance is stable.

The whole machine is composed of driving motor, main casing, microcomputer controller, force measuring unit with high precision force value sensor and digital control system with single chip microcomputer as the central processor.

Technical parameters of headset clamping force tester

Load range: 0 ~ 500N

Precision: level 1

Resolution: 0.01n

Loading speed: 50 100 200 300 500mm/min

Sample width: 120mm

Stretch: 300mm

Power source: AC 220V 50Hz

External dimension: 1000mm (L)× 370mm (B)× 400mm (H)

Net weight: 27 kg

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