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Automobile interior material droplet characteristic detector

Automobile interior material droplet characteristic detector
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

The automotive interior material dross detector is designed for the test specified in ECE R118 appendix 7 to determine the melting characteristics of the material, the equipment mechanical and electrical control integrated, the cold board outside the box with the American equipment process - orange paint surface treatment, the box inside and outside the strong acid and alkaline resistance, long service life.

The droplet characteristic detector of automotive interior materials is to place the sample on the bracket, and the distance between the sample on the bracket and the radiant surface is 30mm.

The container including cotton wool is placed 300 mm below the bracket grid;

Put the electric heater to the place beside which the sample cannot be radiated, turn on the switch, wait for it to run completely, then put it back to the position above the sample and start the timing.

If the material melts and deforms, keep the electric heater at a distance of 30mm;

During the first five minutes of the test, if the material starts to burn, push the heater to the side for three seconds and then move it back when the flame is extinguished.

Do the same thing over and over again, finally to see if the drops burn or ignite the cotton wool.

Technical parameters in Appendix 7:

A stainless steel ring with a diameter of 118 mm is placed inside the sample bracket, and a stainless steel net with a diameter of 0.70 mm and a mesh of 2.10 mm is placed inside the sample bracket

The sample size is 70×70(mm) and the thickness is not more than 13mm

Residue container Φ inside diameter of 118 mm, 12 mm deep

The power of radiant heat source is 500W

Radiation heat radiating surface Φ diameter of 100 mm + / - 5 mm transparent glass

The distance between the residue container and the sample rack is 300mm;

The upper surface of the sample is 30mm away from the surface of the radiation source

Heat flux meter range is 10W/cm2

Oad width 1120 mm x 580 mm x 1350 mm high, vent Φ 100 mm;

Working power supply C220V, 50Hz, ≤1000W

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