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Standard light source color light box

Standard light source color light box
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Standard light source box color standard light source for color light box with four light source, five illuminant, six more than light source such as widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, plastic, paint, printing ink, printing, paint, coating, chemical, ceramics, shoes, leather, metal, chemical industry, furniture, electrical appliances, packaging, cosmetics, and other areas of the color management from all walks of life.

Main Functions:

This equipment is a special light box for color matching, so that samples, production, quality inspection and acceptance can be carried out under the same standard light source, and the goods can be checked accurately

There are many kinds of light sources in the standard light box, such as D65,TL84,F,UV, etc

The light source.

1. Record the service time of each light source separately to avoid detection error caused by excessive aging of the light tube.

2. It has the function of same color and different spectrum effect. Under one light source, the color shown by the sample is the same as the requirement, but under another light source, the color is different, so it cannot be accepted.

3. It is particularly important to use standard light source to detect the color deviation of goods in the color light box on cloudy days and at night.

Light show

D65 International Standard Artificial Daylight

Color temperature: 6500K Power: 18W

TL84 store lighting from Europe, Japan and China

Color temperature: 4000K Power: 18W

CWF U.S. Cold White Store Light

Color temperature: 4150K Power: 20W

F Family hotel lights, colorimetric reference light sources

Color temperature: 2700K Power: 40W

UV Light Source (Ultra-Violet)

Wavelength: 365nm Power: 20W

TL83 European Standard Warm White Store Light

Color temperature: 3000K Power: 18W

Technical parameters

Configuration: D65,TL84,F,UV four light sources

Weight: 30 kg

Volume (width x depth x height) : 710x420x570 mm

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