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Chrysler bending tester

Chrysler bending tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Introduction to Chrysler leather bending tester

Chrysler Chrysler Leather bending tester was designed for the Chrysler laboratory test method LP-463LB-9-01.

The instrument can be used to test the adhesion of coating materials on vinyl coated fabrics and leather base fabrics.

It can also represent surface damage, bleaching, cracking and layering of vinyl-coated fabrics, leather, unsupported vinyl and other interior materials.

The Chrysler bending tester can test 4 samples at the same time in one test, that is, there are 3 bending test stations and 1 folding test station.

When the instrument is in operation, the bending specimen is clamped at both ends by the fixture and tensioned. One end of the specimen is kept fixed and the other end moves horizontally, so that the bending test can be carried out.

The two ends of the folded sample are clamped between two opposite plates. When the two plates contact and clamp, a load of 12lb can be applied to the folded area of the sample.

The folding test can be carried out when the fixed pressure is applied to the specimen by closing the plate.

A certain tension is applied to the bending specimen by means of a weight, and the tension is controllable.

I. Compliance with standards

This instrument conforms to the standards of Chrysler LP-463LB-9-01, Chrysler LP-463KB-113-01, Chrysler LP-463KB-10-01, and Commercial Standard CS-273-65.

Two, the instrument said

1. Main structural features

L The instrument is desktop;

L Control panel: power supply, start and stop switch, electronic counter, as shown in Figure 2;

L Power plant: motor;

L Moving device: reduction gear, connecting rod, moving beam;

L counting device: electronic counter -- setting and displaying working times, with self-stop function;

L Bending test device: up/down clamp, tension weight, guide rod, travel switch;

L Folding test device: left/right pressure plate, spring, clamp;

L Each specimen can be clamped by an independent specimen jig, and each specimen provides tension.

1. Instrument installation

The Chrysler bend tester is designed to control the test lab.

The tester can be quickly installed on the test bench for use.

Installation method is as follows:

(1) Remove the device and be careful not to damage the exposed switch keys or control panel.

Note: The instrument is equipped with three test weights.

Take them out during installation and put them aside.

(2) Place the device on a fully stable and level test bench.

Make sure the surface around the instrument is clean so that the test can be done safely and accurately.

Ensure that the test bench does not move and wobble while the instrument is working.

(3) To achieve the effect of ZuiJIA test, it is necessary to provide a fully free environment and space.

(4) Plug the power cord into the power supply and refer to the appropriate working voltage and frequency on the instrument nameplate.

The instruments are ready for work.

2. Test preparation

(1) Check that the instrument is in a horizontal state.

(2) Turn on the power switch.

(3) Using the start and stop buttons, push the instrument to move the bar horizontally so that the upper/lower clamps are aligned (on the same vertical line) in the bending test.

(4) Prepare samples according to the specifications of the technical parameters in the instructions.

(5) First clamp the upper end of the bending sample with the upper fixture of the bending test, then slide the lower fixture upward along the guide rod to the 152mm mark of the guide rod, and clamp the lower end of the bending sample at that position.

In order to install the sample correctly, the fixture should be guaranteed to clamp the sample at the same position on both sides of the sample.

Ensure that the specimen is aligned with the fixture, so that the tension is evenly distributed on the specimen.

(6) Install the tension weights, push the weights along its opening position to the weight column below the jig under the bending test, push to the bottom and lock the weights by rotating the screws at the bottom.

At this point, a load of 8lb.(36N) can be applied to the sample by the weight and the lower fixture assembly.

Note: The fixture should ensure that the sample is clamped tightly and the weight is securely locked, so as to avoid the sample or weight loosing during the test, which may lead to the weight falling down and damage the instrument or the operator.

(7) Install the two bending samples and weights to the remaining two fixtures according to steps (5)-(6) in turn.

(8) A folding sample shall be loaded between the pressure plates at the end of the movable strut, and the bottom cloth of the sample shall be outward with the coating layer opposite to each other.

The universal clamp and locking screw securely clamps the sample to ensure that the sample cannot be moved.

(9) Adjust the pressure of the pressure plate so that when the instrument is working and the horizontal bar is moved to push the pressure plate close to the limit position, the pressure applied to the sample is 641N(12lb).

(10) Set the counter to zero and set the required working times.

The instrument is factory set 5000 times.

3. Operation method

(1) Press the start button on the front control panel, and the instrument will start working immediately.

The bending and folding specimens were tested simultaneously.

The instrument will stop running automatically after working to the set number.

(2) Take out bending and folding samples, check their rupture and loss, observe the degree of rupture in appearance, and see whether there is whitening, cracking, stratification and other phenomena.

Three, maintenance

1. The electrical

Ensure correct instrument supply voltage is provided.

Refer to instrument nameplate.

2. Lubrication

(1) Use 80W gear oil to lubricate the gear box regularly.

(2) Use no. 30 oil to lubricate reciprocating arm bearings regularly.

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