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Fabric surface moisture resistance tester

Fabric surface moisture resistance tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Spray quantitative tester is used to measure the wettability of fabric surface.

It includes a metal frame that allows distilled water to be sprayed through a nozzle to the sample at 45° and 150 mm below the nozzle.

Compare the appearance of the specimen with an optional photographic scale.

Tester fit

ISO 4920, AATCC 22, M&S P23.

Determination of Surface Moisture Resistance of Textile Fabrics by Water Staining Test

AATCC 22-10

ISO 4920-12/ GB/T 4745-12

M&S P23


1. The security

This section describes the safety signs throughout this manual.

Read and understand all warnings and warnings before using the spray level tester.


Indicating that an instruction is ignored may cause the operator to be at risk.

2. Specification


Length :26 cm

Width :26 cm

Height :55 cm

Steel structure:

Done: Spray paint

Ship weight :5 kg

3. The installation

3.1 set up

After turning on the spray level tester, place the tester on a smooth surface in a room with stable temperature and humidity.


5.1 Calibrate the device, test and measure the time required for 250 ml distilled water 27±1℃(80±2) funnel empty funnel.

5.2 Fix the sample securely in a ring with a diameter of 152.4mm (6.0 in) to expose the surface of the fabric sample to water mist.

The surface of the sample should be smooth without wrinkles.

5.3 Place the hula hoop on the test bench above the fabric ZUI so that the center of the spray pattern coincides with the center of the hula hoop.

5.3.1 In the case of cambric, gabardine, corduroy, or similar fabrics, place the rings on the shelf in the direction of the fabric in line with the direction of the final zUI product.

5.4 Pour 250 ml of distilled water into the tester's funnel at 27±1℃(80±2), allowing it to be sprayed onto the 25-30's sample.

5.4.1 When filling distilled water, avoid contacting the funnel with graduated cylinder.

The funnel movement will change the spray distribution on the sample.

5.5 hoops, bottom edge, using opposite edges firmly against a solid object with fabric facing the object, then rotate 180° hoops again before the point is held.

5.6 Repeat 5.2 to 5.5 for all three samples.

Evaluation of 5.

6.1 Immediately after clicking, compare the water or spot pattern with the rating table.

The surface of the sample is rated, which corresponds to the level near zUI in the rating chart.

6.2 Intermediate ratings can be used for ratings of 50 or higher (95, 85, 75, 60).

(See Figure 1 and Table 1)

6.3 In grading loose fabrics or porous fabrics such as voile, no channel for water to pass through the opening of the fabric shall be considered.

FIG. 1 Grading diagram of spray test

Grade the corresponding photography

100(ISO 5) No adhesion or moisture on the upper surface

90(ISO) Slight random adhesion or wetting of surfaces

Wetting of surface at spray point 80(ISO)

70(ISO) Local wetting of upper surface

50(ISO 1) The entire upper surface is completely wet

Table 1 Spray test grading table

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