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Fatigue test for adhesive buckles

Fatigue test for adhesive buckles
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Introduction to fatigue tester for adhesive buckle

The buckle fatigue tester is a part of the buckle performance test.

The shear strength and peel strength of the measuring device were simulated by coupling the ring surface and the hook surface for a certain number of times, and the actual use process was simulated to consider its durability.

1.1 Principle of testing

The test principle of

The ring surface and the hook surface of the adhesive buckle are fixed on different rollers respectively.

During the test, the roller rolls and the adhesive tape is bonded and peeled continuously.

After a certain number of times removed, the follow-up test.

Test standard

This type of adhesive tape fatigue tester meets the following standards:

1.GB/T 23315

2.DIN 3415

3.SATRA PM 123

Technical specifications

1. Diameter of the roller: the upper wheel (driving wheel) is ¢162.5mm and the lower wheel (driving wheel) is ¢160mm

2. Roller width: 70mm

3. Rolling speed: 60rpm

4. Reversal time: 30s

5. Load: 5kg

6. Counter: LCD, 0-999999

7. Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ 5A

8. Size: 70×47×60cm

9. Weight: 51kg

Introduction of instrument

An instrument

The whole machine is mainly composed of the following parts, as shown in Figure 1:

FIG. 1. Complete machine drawing

1. Counterweight: used with the driven wheel, the pressure is 5kg.

2. Driving wheel: diameter is 160mm, driven by the motor, rotation speed is 60rpm, reversing every 30s.

The ring face is fixed on the driving wheel.

3. Driven wheel: The diameter is 162.5mm, driven by the driving wheel.

The hook face is fixed on the driven wheel.

4. Counter: Set and display the number of movement turns.

5. Buttons: Including emergency stop button, start and pause button.

Take GB/T 23315 as an example to introduce the test procedure.

Two groups of samples with a length of (540±10)mm and a width not exceeding the groove length were cut from one pair of adhesive tape. Each group of samples included one section of hook plane band and one section of ring plane band.

Mark 4 sections with a length of (100±5)mm on each section of the hook face tape and ring face tape, and mark "1" at one end of each section and "2" at the other end.

Take any one group of samples, surround and attach the marked ring belt to the small roller, with the wool side facing the roller and the hook side facing the big roller, so that the samples are parallel and anastomosed with the roller.

Ensure that the specimen is glued to the entire effective width of the roller after rotation.

Adjust the counter and run the test device to make the sample clutch 1000 or 3000 times before removing the sample.

The samples were cut into 4 sections along the marking line, and the shear strength of the 4 groups of samples was measured. The arithmetic mean value of the measured results of the 4 groups was taken as the shear strength after 1000 or 3000 times of clutch of the pair adhesive bands.

Take the second group of samples for another test.

The specimens were cut into 4 sections along the marking line, and the peel strength of the specimens in 4 groups was measured. The arithmetic mean value of the measured results of the four groups was taken as the peel strength after 1000 or 3000 times of the coupling bands.

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