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Wear-resistant instrument

Wear-resistant instrument
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Taber wear tester operation test

Operation test of taber abrasion tester is suitable for leather, cloth, coating, paper, floor tile, plywood, glass, natural rubber abrasion test, method for using standard knife cutting specimens, with regulation models of grinding wheel, and the weight of the load must be to wear, to take out after the revolutions of specimen, observe the condition of the specimen after grinding or specimen test before and after test the weight of the weight of the poor.

Calculation formula of abrasion loss index: weight of abrasion loss/test rotation number ×1000 Grinding wheel Numbers: H-18,H-22, CS-10,CS-17,CS-32,CS-33

Meet the standards:

ISO 9352-2012

ISO 5470

ASTM D1044-05

ASTM D3884

Technical specifications

Rotation speed: adjustable within the range of 30-75r/min (digital display)

Sample surface diameter: 100mm

Sample table diameter: 113mm

Winding number setting range: 1-999999

Weight: balance weight, 250g, 500g, 750g, 1000g

Double wheel pressure range: 125G, 250g, 500g, 750g, 1000g, 1250g, etc

Suction arm height: adjustable

External dimension: 220mm×380mm×300mm

Weight: 20 kg

Taber wear-resisting instrument operation steps

Pre-test preparation

Before the test, the instrument shall be connected to the power supply, and the exhaust port shall be connected to the vacuum cleaner

Accessories and other instruments: a pair of standard grinding wheel, double-sided adhesive tape (hard), fine sandpaper (for calibration).

According to the requirements of different standards, 0.1mg precision balance, fabric strength machine, appearance evaluation light box and so on should be prepared to evaluate the test results.

Sample: Cut to about 110mm with 8mm hole in the center.

If the weight changes before and after the sample are to be compared, the original weight of the sample shall be weighed in advance (if the sample is fabric, etc., double-sided adhesive tape shall be used to fix the sample; after the standard double-sided adhesive tape is glued, the outer sticker shall be removed and the total weight shall be weighed);

If the strength changes before and after the sample are to be compared, the original strength should be tested before the test.

Comparison of other properties such as haze should be carried out before the corresponding test to determine the original parameters.

The sample shall be prehumidified for at least 8h.

Speed control: after power on, start the instrument with both arms raised, and adjust the speed control knob to the required speed according to the digital display table.

Test steps

The clamping sample

Place the cut samples on the test bed according to the standard requirements.

Keep the sample flat, tighten the pressing nut and gasket, and tighten the sample fixing ring with a hex wrench.

Clamp grinding wheel and weight

Install the pre-ground standard grinding wheel on the front inner side of the balancing arm and tighten the pressing nut.

Clamp the corresponding weights or counterweights according to the required pressure.

According to the specifications of abrasive wheels tested by different materials in the corresponding standards, install the abrasive wheels of corresponding specifications.

Start the

Turn on the power switch.

Sets the default winding number on the counter.

Press the start button and the motor drives the rotary table to start rotating.


1. When the grinding wheel reaches the sticker or the surface of the grinding wheel is abnormal, it shall be replaced.

2. Before each sample is measured, the grinding wheel shall be cleaned with a brush.

Evaluation of sample results

After reaching the predetermined number of turns, the instrument will stop automatically or press the red stop button to stop the test and turn off the vacuum cleaner according to different standards.

The sample was taken out for evaluation.

Evaluation method (for reference only, see the provisions of each standard for details) :

Mass loss method

The samples (together with the fixed double-sided adhesive tape) were weighed before and after the test using a scale accurate to 0.1mg to calculate the weight loss percentage.

Strength loss method

Test the strength of the samples before and after the test with a strength meter and calculate the percentage of strength loss.

Predetermined lap number appearance changes

After reaching a predetermined number of turns, the appearance is evaluated (usually for wear, light transmittance change, etc

Taber Abrasive wheel selection:

Grinding wheel/molding material/grinding characteristics

CS10/ Soft rubber and abrasive particles/mild elastic rubber and abrasive particles

CS10F/soft rubber and abrasive particles/very gentle elastic rubber and abrasive particles

CS17 / Soft rubber and abrasive particles/rough elastic rubber and abrasive particles


/ Hard vitrified material/fine rough inelastic ceramics

H18 / Hard vitrified/moderately coarse inelastic ceramics

H22 / Hard vitrified/very rough inelastic ceramics

H38/ Hard vitrified/very fine inelastic ceramics

CS0, S32 / Soft smooth rubber/very mild elastic abrasive free rubber

S42, S33 / Soft sandpaper strip/medium elastic sandpaper strip

CS5 / Soft wool felt/non-wear elastic wool blanket

S35 / Hard tungsten carbide/cutting or cutting inelastic tungsten carbide

S39 / -- Leather/GritFeeder leather

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