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Brief introduction of Chrysler...

Brief introduction of Chrysler bending tester
Brief introduction of Chrysler bending tester
Brief introduction of Chrysler bending tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-14

Brief introduction of Chrysler leather bending tester

The Chrysler Chrysler leather bending tester is designed for the Chrysler laboratory test method lp-463lb-9-01. The instrument can be used to test the adhesion of coating materials on vinyl coated fabrics and leather fabrics. At the same time, it can also characterize the surface damage, whitening, cracking and delamination of vinyl coated fabrics, leather, unsupported vinyl and other interior materials.

The Chrysler bending tester can test four samples simultaneously in one test, that is, there are three bending test stations and one folding test station. When the instrument is working, the two ends of the bending sample are clamped by the clamp and tightened. One end of the bending sample is fixed and the other end is moved horizontally. The two ends of the folded specimen are clamped between two opposite plates. When the two plates contact and clamp, a load of 12 lb can be applied to the folded area of the specimen. The folding test can be carried out by closing the plate and applying the fixed pressure to the sample.

A certain tension is applied to the bending sample by weight, and the tension is controllable.

1、 Meet the standard

The instrument meets the requirements of Chrysler lp-463lb-9-01, Chrysler lp-463kb-113-01, Chrysler lp-463kb-10-01 and commercial standard cs-273-65.

2、 Instrument theory

1. Main structural features

L the instrument is a desktop computer;

L control panel: power supply, start and stop switch, electronic counter, as shown in Figure 2;

L power unit: motor;

L motion device: reduction gear, connecting rod, moving beam;

L counting device: electronic counter - set and display the working times, with self-stop function;

L bending test device: upper / lower clamp, tension weight, guide rod, travel switch;

L folding test device: left / right pressure plate, spring, clamp;

L each specimen can be clamped by an independent specimen fixture, and the tension is provided separately.

1. Instrument installation

The Chrysler bend tester is designed to control the test laboratory. The tester can be installed on the test bench quickly. The installation method is as follows:

(1) Remove the device and be careful not to damage the exposed switch keys or the control panel.

Note: the instrument is equipped with three test weights. Take them out during the installation of the instrument and put them aside.

(2) Place the device on a fully stable and level test bench. Ensure that the surface around the instrument is clean so that the test can be carried out safely and accurately. Make sure that the test bench will not move and shake during the operation of the instrument.

(3) In order to achieve the effect of Zuijia test, we need to provide a free environment and space.

(4) Insert the power cord into the power supply and refer to the appropriate operating voltage and frequency on the instrument name plate.

(5) The instrument is ready to work.

2. Test preparation

(1) Check that the instrument is level.

(2) Turn on the power switch.

(3) Using the start and stop buttons, gently push the instrument horizontally to align the upper / lower clamps of the bending test (on the same vertical line).

(4) Prepare the sample according to the specification of the specification.

(5) First, clamp the upper end of the bending sample with the upper fixture of the bending test, then slide the lower clamp up along the guide rod to the 152mm mark of the guide rod, and clamp the lower end of the bending sample at this position. In order to install the specimen correctly, ensure that the fixture clamps the specimen at the same position on both sides of the specimen. Make sure that the specimen is aligned with the fixture so that the tension is evenly distributed on the specimen.

(6) Install the tension weight, push the weight into the weight column under the fixture under the bending test along its opening position, and then lock the weight by rotating the screw at the bottom. At this point, the weight and the lower fixture assembly can apply an 8 lb. (36 n) load to the specimen.

Note: it is necessary to ensure that the fixture can clamp the sample and the weight is locked safely, so as to avoid the sample or weight loosening during the test, which may cause the weight to fall down, damage the instrument or injure the operator.

(7) Install the two bending specimens and weights to the remaining two fixtures in sequence according to steps (5) - (6).

(8) A folded specimen is placed between the pressure plates at the end of the movable column, and the bottom cloth of the sample is outward and the coating surface is opposite. The universal fixture and locking screw can safely clamp the sample to ensure that the sample can not be moved.

(9) Adjust the pressure of the pressure plate so that when the instrument is working, move the cross bar to push the pressure plate to close to the limit position, and apply a pressure of 641n (12lb) to the sample.

(10) Reset the counter to zero and set the number of operations required. The factory setting of the instrument is 5000 times.

3. Operation method

(1) Press the start button on the front control panel, and the instrument will start to work. Bending and folding specimens were tested at the same time. The instrument will stop automatically when it works to the set working times.

(2) Take down the bending and folding samples, check their fracture and loss, observe the fracture degree on the appearance, and whether there is whitening, cracking and delamination.

3、 Maintenance

1. Electrical

Ensure that the correct instrument supply voltage is provided. Refer to the instrument name plate.

2. Lubrication

(1) Use 80W gear oil to lubricate gearbox regularly.

(2) Lubricate the reciprocating arm bearings regularly with 30 oil.