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Ozone Aging Chamber

Ozone Aging Chamber
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Ozone aging test chamber

The ozone aging chamber simulates and strengthens the ozone conditions in the atmosphere, studies the effect of ozone on the color fastness of fabric, and quickly identifies and evaluates the properties of the fabric's color fastness to ozone.

Meet the requirements of GB/T 11039.3-2005(ISO 105-G03).

The ozone test chamber is composed of an ozone control system, a temperature control system, and a humidity control system. The ozone control system consists of an ozone generator, an ozone sensor, and an ozone controller to maintain a constant ozone concentration in the cavity.

The temperature control system provides a stable temperature of 20℃~40℃ for the experimental barn, and heating is achieved by electric heating wire heating.

Real-time measurement and adjustment of thermocouple;

Humidity control system Temperature control system provides stable humidity for the experiment bin and humidifies through steam.

It is equipped with wet and dry bulb hygrometer for real-time measurement and adjustment.

At the same time, a certain temperature, humidity, ozone environment was simulated to observe the color change of textiles in it.

Color fastness rating by comparison.

Mechanical design requirements

1. Overall requirements

Meet the requirements of GB/T 11039.3-2005(ISO 105-G03).

The instrument consists of an instrument support, a test chamber, a control chamber, a water tank, a driving motor, a exhaust fan and an ozone generator.

2. Structural requirements

Test chamber 1. The test chamber is made of stainless steel, which is strictly sealed except the device channel. The dimensions refer to the mapping.

The cavity needs to have good thermal insulation performance and the cavity wall needs to be filled with thermal insulation cotton.

The design of the test chamber floor should be able to rapidly remove condensation of water.

2. The test chamber is divided into two halves before and after the semi-connection by the separator, which is located behind the deviation and occupies about three quarters of the height from top to bottom.

Specific dimensions refer to mapping.

3. In front of the test chamber, the door can be opened and closed. On the door, an observation window composed of double-layer glass is installed.

Install lighting between two layers of glass.

4. A sample stent is placed in the anterior cavity. The stent is shaped as a hollow disk supported by a pillar, and its size is measured by reference.

The bracket is connected with the drive motor by bearing, and the motor is installed outside and below the test chamber.

The motor drives the sample bracket to rotate slowly, and the speed can be adjusted from 0 to 10rpm.

5. Rear cavity: Air stirring motor is installed on the upper part.

Transverse installation of electric heating wire, steam inlet pipe and ozone gas pipe.

Steam generator The steam generator is located outside the test chamber and can be installed in the control chamber.

Steam is produced by blowing in through pipes and fans.

No water droplets are allowed to enter the laboratory with the steam.

Ozone generator Ozone generator is installed at the bottom of the instrument through the pipe into the test chamber, requiring good ventilation conditions

Exhaust air install exhaust fan.

At the end of the experiment, the air is expelled.

Water supply 1. Water tank needs to be large enough, capacity reference mapping.

Inlet and outlet shall be installed.

2. Water tank is equipped with water pump, warning of high and low water level.

The artesian flow through the water provides water for the dry-wet bulb and steam generator.

The realization of artesian reference mapping equipment.

Electronic design requirements

1. Temperature control

Turn on the temperature switch to display real-time temperature and set temperature.

The temperature is controlled by a single chip microcomputer. According to the set temperature, the electric heating wire heating chamber is controlled, and zUI is finally maintained constant through feedback adjustment.

The range is 45℃ at room temperature.

2. Humidity control

Turn on the humidity switch to display real-time humidity and set humidity.

Humidity degree is controlled by single chip microcomputer. According to humidity setting, steam generator is controlled to make the cavity reach the target humidity, and zUI is adjusted and maintained constant through feedback.

Detect full humidity range.

3. Ozone concentration control

Turn on the ozone switch to display the real-time ozone concentration and set the ozone concentration.

The concentration of ozone is controlled by single chip microcomputer. According to the setting of ozone concentration, the ozone generator is controlled to make the cavity reach the target concentration. The action power of ozone generator is adjusted through feedback, and ZUI is maintained constant eventually.

0-10 PPM.

4. Sample frame motion control

Open the motor switch, the sample frame drives the motor to run, and adjust the speed by turning the knob.

Zuigao's speed is 10rpm.

5. Timing control

When the timer starts, the timer automatically counts down.

After the timing started, the exhaust fan switch failed and the test chamber lock was dead.

If the temperature, humidity and ozone are turned off during the timing, the timing will stop and the buzzer will start for about 5.

Turn off the temperature, humidity and ozone switches when the timing is over.

6. Water level warning

When the water level is too high or too low, push the water level switch and start the buzzer until it returns to normal.

If the water level cannot return to normal within 20min, stop the timing and stop the temperature, humidity and ozone.

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