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High and low temperature grave...

High and low temperature gravel impact tester
High and low temperature gravel impact tester
High and low temperature gravel impact tester
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High and low temperature gravel impact tester

Equipment introduction:

The Automotive Engineering Association's organic coating Committee has developed the gravel impact since 1986 to test and evaluate the resistance of automotive materials to debris.

The high and low temperature multi-function stone impact tester is mainly used to accurately reproduce the breaking phenomenon caused by splashing gravel, The multi-functional stone impact tester is suitable for the cohesive failure test of outer coating, the adhesion failure test of different layers in the coating system, the brittle thickness of hard glass materials, the optimal film thickness of anti spalling, the anti spalling, anti-collision and anti-wear tests of plastics and glass. The damage degree of the coating is affected by the spray angle and the spray pressure, and the single layer, multi-layer and even all the spalling occurs. The impact of crushed stone, the quality of steel shot or crushed stone, the duration of impact and test instruments will not only cause the decorative effect of the coating to be lost, but also affect the setting conditions of the coating.

Meet the following test standards:

In accordance with ISO 20567-1 "paints and varnishes - Determination of resistance to stone impact - Part 1: multiple impact test"

Din55996-1:2001 testing of impact strength of coated materials with crushed stone - Part 1: multiple impact test

SAE j400 test for resistance to crushed stone of automotive surface coatings

ASTM d3170-03 (2007), GME 60268-96, gmw14700, gm9508p, Mgr es30.ad.149, ISO 20567-1-2005, nes m0007 section 28, DIN EN iso20567-1-2007, FLTM Bi 157-06, SAE, ASTM, VDA, General Motors Motors, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Ford Motor, Toyota, Mazda

, Nissan, SAE j400, ASTM d3170, VDA, GM 9119p / 9508p / 9619p, Ford, Mazda MES Mn 601c, JIS m0141, GMW 1407, tl211-6, GME 60 268, Nissan, Chrysler 463pb-39-01, gmw14668-3.4.9, Chrysler 463pb-52-01, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc.

Main technical parameters:

1. Test environmental conditions: the ambient temperature is 5 ~ 35 ℃, the relative humidity is less than 85% RH, and there are samples in the test box

2. Working pressure range: 0 ~ 5.0 kgf / cm2 / grade 1.6, which can be adjusted according to the actual air source pressure of customers, up to 8.0kgf/cm2

3. Inner diameter of compressed air pipe: 19mm or more

4. Air tank volume: 180L, can meet: when opening the magnetic valve, the preset working pressure of 400kPa (4bar) can be maintained for at least 10 seconds

5. Feeding mode: automatic feeding, adjustable feeding speed

6. VDA spray gun: 30.0 ± 0.5 mm

7. SAE spray gun: 52.6 ± 0.5 mm

8. Working time: 0-999S adjustable

9. Vibration time: 0-999S adjustable

10. The number of cycles is adjustable from 0 to 99S

11. Collision box configuration: a set of 3D angle adjustable test-bed, 0-180 degree angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, more equipped with high-precision mobile angle display, convenient for customers to adjust the impact angle.

12. Impact window of standard test bench: 300 * 300 mm (with movable support frame, the size of window can be adjusted to adapt to different sizes of samples, and the thickness of sample shall not exceed 30 mm).

13. The outer dimension of the test chamber is about 1800 L * 1000 W * 1200h mm; the main structure of the collision box is made of steel plate of ≥ 6 mm + baking paint; the striking window is made of 10 mm steel plate with good vibration resistance and wear resistance.

14. Test impact material: 4mm-5mm hardness: 61hrc-65hrc with angular steel particles, or 8-16mm terrazzo or stone specified in JIS a5001

15. Test pressure: 100 ± 5kpa, 200KPa ± 10KPA

16. Test times: 1-5 times

17. Injection time: 8-12s / 500g or 30-35s / 2000g

18. Spray angle: 54 °± 1 ° (special 90 ° ± 1 °) adjustable

19. Spraying distance: 10-500MM (adjustable)

20. Inner diameter of spray gun: 30.0 ± 0.5 mm or 52.6 ± 0.75 mm

21. Sample size: 80 × 80 mm or 200 × 100 mm

22. Low test temperature: - 20 to - 70 ℃ (optional)

23. Test high temperature: room temperature to 150 ℃ (optional)

24. Pressure range: 0 ~ 1MPa (adjustable)

25. Temperature range: - 40 ° C ~ 100 ° C (using independent high and low temperature impact box)

26. Inner diameter of compressed air pipe: 25.4mm-20mm-15mm

27. Air tank volume: 136l

28. Inner diameter of gun barrel: 30mm-53mm

29. Maximum sample size: width ≤ 105mm, thickness ≤ 12mm, length ≤ 150mm

30. Sample test angle: plate type test sample can be 2-45 ° to 54 ° to 90 ° and irregular sample to 3D test box

31. Noise value: noise ≤ 120dba (operators need to wear protective earplugs)

32. Operation mode: suitable for continuous operation

33. Test medium: gravel, sand, steel sand (shot), iron sand (shot), etc

34. Feeding rate: adjusted by electromagnetic vibration feeder

35. Air flow pressure and flow rate: the pressure and flow rate of compressed air are kept constant, and the speed can be controlled through the regulating valve at the nozzle

Equipment acceptance:

The final acceptance of the equipment shall be carried out at the place where the demander's equipment is installed, so as to ensure that the test requirements of the equipment fully meet the measurement standards and industrial testing requirements during the operation.