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Alcohol wear tester

Alcohol wear tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Multi-functional pencil rubber abrasion tester profile marking water resistant alcohol alcohol abrasion tester is suitable for the buttons, plastic shell, coating the surface coating resistant to solubility test, commonly used in electronics, machinery, furniture, printing and other industries, test the print on the surface of the product, marked resistance to water and corrosion liquid dissolve performance (professional manufacturers direct marketing, quality and superior).

In line with UL817 and other relevant standards, "The special rubber is fixed on the surface of the friction hammer of the machine and can be used safely under certain load and times", which is applicable to the wear resistance test of shouji, keyboard and other accessories conducted by the relevant manufacturer and quality inspection department to assess its wear resistance.

The machine adopts the variable convex shaft structure, which is driven by the ball made in Japan, so that the work can move with the servo motor in the left and right double positions, and has the functions of adjusting the speed and stroke during the test (no need to shut down), it is very easy to adjust.

The test speed can be displayed and the number of tests can be set.

So as to achieve all kinds of products on the surface of the printing oil injection, screen printing and other anti-friction life test, the friction medium is: eraser, cotton cloth, etc.

This equipment is widely used in plastic, wire, electrical appliances, leather and other manufacturing industries.

Purpose of alcohol wear tester:

The alcohol wear-resisting tester is suitable for testing the solubility of the coating on the surface of the key, the plastic shell and the coating. It is often used in the fields of electronics, machinery, furniture and printing to test the printing font on the surface of the product, and to mark the solubility of water and corrosive liquid.

Ii. Features:

1. The machine is driven by precision transmission parts originally made in Japan, with stable operation and low noise.

2. Equipped with three fixtures: hardness scratch test fixture, eraser test fixture, alcohol test fixture.

Iii. Technical Parameters:

1. Test load: 80 ~ 1000(g).

2. Bearing weight of mesa: 5Kg.

3. Mobile range: 2 ~ 50mm or can be agreed according to customer requirements.

4. Test speed: 5 ~ 60rpm/min.

5. Speed input mode knob.

6. Heavy knock code: 10,20,50,100,200,500 (g).

7. Machine size: W530×H490×D410(mm).

8. Machine weight: 50Kg.

Power supply: AC220V;

50 hz.

Equipment features:

The precision transmission parts made in Japan are used to drive, stable operation, low noise, stepper motor drive, low noise, stable operation, reliable quality;

The LCD, Shouji and tablet touch screen can be tested after changing the jig on the abrasion tester.

Equipped with three fixtures: 45 degree pencil hardness scratch test fixture, eraser test fixture, alcohol test fixture

Product configuration:

Standard Test Fixture (2 sets)

Debugging tools (a set),

Two weights each (50,100,200,300,500g),

Load test rod: 75g(two)

Eraser test fixture, alcohol test fixture (2 each),

Pencil hardness scratch test fixture (one payment),

A bottle, a rubber strip, a pencil,

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