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Monomer combustion tester for building materials

Monomer combustion tester for building materials
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

I. Applicable standards:

GB/T 20284-2006 Monomer Combustion Test for Building Materials or Products

EN 13823:2002 Reaction of Building Products to fire -- Single Test Method for Combustion of Building Products without Paving Materials

GB 8624-2012 Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products

Ii. Product Overview:

Monomer combustion equipment for building materials is a test device used to determine the fire response performance of building materials or products (excluding paving materials and products specified in EC Resolution 2000/147/EC) in monomer combustion test (SBI).

Belongs to the building combustion performance classification test instrument.

It can be used to grade building materials.

The equipment is independently developed and produced in accordance with GB/T 20284-2006 "Monomer Combustion Test of Building Materials or Products".

Iii. Product features

1. The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel, which is easy to move, beautiful in appearance, excellent in quality and long in service life.

2. The heat preservation and exhaust duct, heat preservation and air collection hood and heat preservation collector in the smoke extraction system adopt double layer heat preservation function to ensure the accuracy of data collection.

3. All the main oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors adopt the original imported brands to improve the accuracy of data and test results.

4, flue cast iron material, real material, to ensure the practical life of the equipment, the inside of the chimney for double layer of internal insulation, insulation performance is good.

5. The combustion control system adopts gas solenoid valve and the igniter adopts automatic ignition to ensure the safety of the equipment.

6. Automatic flue gas treatment function. During the test, the flue gas goes directly from the exhaust system to the flue gas treatment system, which greatly reduces the degree of air pollution caused by monomer combustion test.

7. Control system: The control core adopts the integrated design of imported Omron PLC and temperature extension module, which can effectively reduce interference and improve the stability of the equipment.

The output end adopts schneider's new solid-state contactless switching device, which has high reliability, long life, low noise, fast switching speed, strong anti-interference ability, and improves the service life and safety of the equipment.

8. Data interface adopts RS-232 standard serial port communication and synchronously collects test data.

Data stability, high reliability, easy to use.

Data transmission process, anti - interference performance is strong.

9. Powerful software can display 11-way data curve, and the experimental data is clear at a glance.

The software USES Visual Basic 6.0 to write the interface, the powerful Internet application development function.

Applications that support dynamic HTML technology (DHTML);

The program can be compatible with WinXP/ Win2000, and do not have to do with hardware, as long as there is a standard interface of the computer, can run normally after connecting.

10. Equipped with advanced dust removal equipment, dust removal adopts the working principle of electrostatic filter adsorption. The treated gas is colorless and smokeless, which fully conforms to the national emission standards.

Iv. Technical parameters

1. Size of combustion laboratory: 3000mm×3000mm×2800mm

2. External dimension of smoke exhaust pipe of combustion chamber: 5200mm×3000mm×1800mm

3. External dimension of control box: 800mm×1200mm×1500mm

4. Smoke extraction speed: 0.50m3/s ~ 0.65 m3/s

5. Temperature measurement: imported K-armored thermocouple with diameter of 3mm.

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5℃

6. High precision pressure sensor in the flue, accuracy ±2Pa

7. Test time: (1 ~ 30)min. Time recording system precision: 0.1s

8. Oxygen analysis (paramagnetism) : range 0-25%;

Response time & LT;

12 s;

Noise drift within 30min shall not exceed 100×10-6;

The resolution of data acquisition output is ≥100×10-6

9. Measurement temperature of carbon dioxide (IR type) : 0-10%;

The linearity is 1% greater than the full range;

The resolution of data acquisition output is ≥100×10-6

10. Detector: Standard accuracy of chroma ±5%;

Linearity of output (transmittance)& LT;


Absolute transmittance & LT;


11. Alarm: When the temperature of the flue gas pipe is more than 400℃, the alarm will give off

12. Sample size: The angular style has two wings, which are long wings and short wings respectively.

The maximum thickness of the sample is 200mm.

The dimensions of sample products are as follows: short wings: (495±5) mm× (1500±5) mm;

Long wings :(1000±5) mm× (1500±5) mm.

Unless specified in the work-in-process instructions, if the specimen thickness exceeds 200mm, the non-fire-resistant surface of the specimen shall be excised to make the specimen thickness 2000-10mm.

Draw two horizontal lines at the edge of the flame receiving surface of the long wing at the farthest Angle from the sample and at the height of (500±3) mm and (1000±3) mm from the bottom edge of the sample, respectively, to observe the transverse propagation of the flame at the edge of these two heights.

The width of the line drawn is ≤3mm

13. Sample regulation: temperature (21~25) ℃, humidity (45~55) %RH

14. Distance between the long wing and the opposite side of the specimen: 2100mm

15. Power supply voltage: AC 380V three-phase five-wire system;

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