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Ultraviolet aging test chamber

Ultraviolet aging test chamber
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Uv - resistant climate test chamber

UV4000 UV resistant climate test chamber is mainly used to simulate the damage effect of sunlight, humidity and temperature on materials.

Aging of materials includes fading, loss of light, reduction of strength, cracking, peeling, pulverization and oxidation.

By simulating sunlight, condensation, and imitating natural moisture, the uv weather chamber can reproduce the damage that may have occurred outdoors over months or years by testing samples in a simulated environment for days or weeks.

In U4000V UV accelerated aging testing machine, the fluorescence of ultraviolet lamp and UV can reproduce the influence of sunlight, while condensation and water spraying system can reproduce the influence of rain and dew.

The temperature is controlled throughout the test cycle.

The typical test cycle is usually uv irradiation at high temperatures and relative humidity at 100% of the dark wet condensation cycle;

Typical applications in paint coatings, automotive industry, plastic products, wood products, glue, etc.

Conform to the standard

Artificial weathering application method of plastics, coatings and rubber materials for mechanical industrial products

2, Vulcanized rubber, artificial weathering (fluorescent ULTRAVIOLET lamp) Test Method

Test methods for exposure to light sources in laboratories -- Part 2: Fluorescent ULTRAVIOLET lamps

The ultraviolet ray in sunlight is the main factor that causes the damage to the durability of most materials.

We use ULTRAVIOLET lamps to simulate the short-wavelength ultraviolet part of sunlight, which produces little visible or infrared spectral energy.

We can choose different wavelength UV UV lamp according to different test requirements, because each lamp in the total UV radiation energy and wavelength are different.

Generally, UV lamps can be divided into UVA and UVB.

In many outdoor environments, materials can be moist for up to 12 hours a day.

Studies have shown that dew, rather than rain, is the main cause of this outdoor humidity.

The unique condensation function simulates outdoor moisture erosion.

During the condensation cycle during the test, the water in the reservoir at the bottom of the test chamber is heated to generate hot steam that fills the entire test chamber. The hot steam maintains the relative humidity in the test chamber at 100% and maintains a relatively high temperature.

The specimen is fixed to the side wall of the test chamber so that the test surface of the specimen is exposed to ambient air in the test chamber.

The outward side of the sample exposed to the natural environment has a cooling effect, leading to a temperature difference between the inside and outside surfaces of the sample. This temperature difference leads to the presence of liquid water generated by condensation on the test surface throughout the condensation cycle of the sample.

The spray system has 12 nozzles, 6 on each side of the test room;

The spray system can be run for a few minutes and then shut down.

This short - time spray can cool the sample quickly and create the condition of thermal shock.

Exposure intensity control: optional

The accurate and repeatable test results can be obtained by selecting the irradiation intensity control option.

The light intensity control system allows users to set different light intensity according to different test requirements.

The radiation intensity is controlled accurately by its feedback loop device.

It can also extend the service life of fluorescent lamps

Temperature and humidity controller:

Technical parameters:

The spectral energy of UVB- lamp is mainly concentrated in the wavelength of 280nm ~ 315nm

Control system

Show indicator

Imported control instrument, easy to operate, easy to set, temperature control precision 0.01℃, light, condensation, spray can be converted freely

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