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Double plate thermal conductivity tester

Double plate thermal conductivity tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Standard for double plate thermal conductivity tester:

GB/T10294-2008 "Determination of Steady-state Thermal Resistance and Related Properties of Adiabatic Materials"

Product introduction

The thermal conductivity of the double plate thermal conductivity meter is an important parameter to measure the thermal conductivity and thermal insulation performance of heat-resistant materials. The thermal conductivity of heat-resistant and thermal insulation material is determined by the thermal conductivity of the material. The meter is integrated with thermostatic equipment in a constant temperature tank, and all measurements and controls are controlled by computer.

The computer interface is used to realize the automatic control of the instrument, data acquisition and processing, as well as the calculation, display and printout of thermal conductivity. The measurement time is short, the speed is fast, the data is accurate, the degree of automation is high and the noise is low.

The thermal conductivity meter is mainly used to measure the uniform plate materials such as plastic, rubber, glass, fiberboard, benzene board, extruded plastic board, foamed concrete, hollow glass, wood board and various thermal insulation materials, and can also measure the thermal conductivity of various materials such as granular material, bulk material, soft material and so on.

The instrument can be widely used in the production enterprises of heat and heat preservation materials, relevant quality inspection departments and units, institutions of higher learning and research institutes.

I. Safety instructions

1. Add liquid medium into the thermostatic tank to immerse the evaporator tube in the medium, and the liquid level is lower than the working platform and higher than the internal evaporator tube.

During use, the medium will slowly evaporate and make the liquid level drop. When the liquid level is lower than the evaporator tube, the medium should be added in time. In particular, when the medium circulates into the vessel requiring constant temperature, the height of the liquid level in the tank will be reduced, so that the evaporator tube will be exposed outside the liquid level.

It is forbidden to electrify the liquid medium in the tank.

2. During the test, the test box should be placed vertically, and the test box slot should not be too tight, so as to facilitate the next operation.

3. The selection of liquid medium in the tank shall comply with the following principles:

1) Antifreeze solution is used for general liquid medium;

2) When the working temperature is (85 ~ 95)℃, the liquid medium can be 15% glycerin aqueous solution;

4. When using alcohol to do low temperature test, avoid open fire, so as not to cause the constant temperature tank combustion.

5. Do not immerse the cryogenic thermostat in water.

It could cause a short circuit or electric shock.

6. Do not tilt or invert the test box.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data, the instrument shall be kept in a quiet place away from light and wind, and away from air-conditioning and heating equipment.

7. It should be noted that excessive compression should not affect the test accuracy.

After the thickness measurement of the specimen is completed, please turn off the thickness gauge power supply.

8. During the test, do not use the test computer for other work, do not delete or change the files and directory names created by the company, otherwise the software may not run.

9. During the test, please arrange special guards. In case of any accident, please quit the test immediately and turn off the power supply of the main engine.

10. Do not disassemble, repair or modify by yourself.

Otherwise, it may cause fire, electric shock or injury.

Please consult with our customer service when repair is needed.

Do not put metal objects such as nails or needles into the gap.

Otherwise it could cause an electric shock or injury.

11. Do not use a power source other than 220V.

The use of a power source other than 220V, or the use of the same socket with other electrical appliances, or the use of unauthorized modification of the power cord, may cause fire or electric shock and other hazards.

12. Do not move the instrument during the test, otherwise the test data may be inaccurate.

13. If there is dust on the insertion area of the power cord plug, wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

Otherwise it could cause a fire.

14. When unplugging the power cord, do not pull the cord. Instead, pull the cord directly by holding the power cord plug at the front end.

Otherwise it may cause electric shock or short circuit and cause fire.

15. Do not turn the thermostat upside down, otherwise it will damage the internal parts.

16. When the operating temperature of the constant temperature tank drops from 60℃ to 15℃, do not start the compressor to cool the constant temperature tank immediately. The liquid in the constant temperature tank must be replaced or the liquid in the constant temperature tank must be reduced to room temperature before starting the refrigeration.

Iii. Open the box for inspection

A packing list is attached to each piece of equipment. Please check each part according to the packing list.

If you find any parts missing or damaged, please contact relevant departments of our company in time, we will deal with it properly for you.

(P.S. In case of damage, please keep the certificate as much as possible.)

Iv. Technical indicators

Technical parameters are as follows:

Table 4-1 Technical parameters

Thermal conductivity measurement display range (0.001-2.000)W/ (m•K)

Accuracy of thermal conductivity measurement is ±3%

Thermal conductivity measurement repeatability ±1%

Temperature measurement range (-5 -- 95)℃

Temperature resolution: 0.01℃

The temperature control precision is 0.05℃

Specimen thickness standard 25mm, range (5 -- 40)mm

1) The thermal resistance of the specimen should not be less than 0.1 (m2•K)/ W;

2) The lower limit of thermal resistance of specimens can be as low as 0.02(m2•K)/ W, but it may not reach the accuracy of equipment description in the whole range.

The specimen size is 300mm×300mm

The flatness of the specimen is 0.1 mm

Laboratory temperature (15-30)℃, standard temperature (23±2)℃

Laboratory humidity (20-80)%RH, standard humidity (40-60)%RH

Power AC 220V±10%, 2.5KW

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