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Rapid temperature change test chamber

Rapid temperature change test chamber
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

The test box is suitable for testing the performance indexes of aerospace products, information electronic instruments and meters, materials, electricians, electronic products and various electronic components under the environment of high temperature and low temperature rapid change.

The whole box body adopts the integral structure.

Box structure 2 The inside of the box is made of 1.0mm imported SUS304B stainless steel plate, the outside is made of 1.0mm cold-rolled steel plate sprayed with plastic, and the insulation material is made of ultra-fine glass insulation cotton.

The gate seal is made of double layer silicone rubber seal material.

4. The observation window is made of multi-layer conductive film tempered insulating glass with the size of 350×500mm. In order to prevent glass frosting at low temperature, a special built-in safety voltage heating wire is designed to surround the heating belt with a power supply voltage of 36V, and a lamp is set to provide lighting for observation.

5 50mm test hole with plug is set on the side of the box body. The plug material is silicone rubber with low foaming, high and low temperature resistance, as well as thermal insulation efficiency.

6. There is an air conditioning cabinet at the back of the box office, in which humidifier, evaporator, electric heater, fan, fan volute and other equipment are installed.

The temperature sensor is placed in the air outlet.

8. The air supply mode in the test box is upper air supply and lower air return mode. The refrigeration system and compressor in the test box: In order to ensure the cooling rate and minimum temperature requirements of the test box, this test box adopts a set of Taikang fully enclosed compressor composed of a binary and superimposed air cooling system.

The superposition refrigeration system consists of a high temperature refrigeration cycle and a low temperature refrigeration cycle. The connected container is the evaporative condenser, which is also the function of energy transfer. The heat energy in the working room is transferred out through the two-stage refrigeration system to achieve the purpose of uplift temperature.

The design of refrigeration system applies the technology of energy regulation. An effective treatment method can not only ensure the normal operation of the refrigerating unit but also effectively regulate the energy consumption and refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration system, so that the operating cost and failure rate of the refrigeration system can be reduced to a more economical state.

Refrigerant: Using DUPONT Company R404(high temperature cycle), R23(low temperature cycle) auxiliary parts: expansion valve (Danfoss, Denmark), solenoid valve (CASTEL, Italy);

Filter (American love high);

Oil separator (Taiwan crown pressure) and other refrigeration parts are imported.

The high and low refrigeration cycle of the test box with rapid temperature change adopts reverse caloric cycle, which consists of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes.

The process is as follows: the refrigerant is adiabatically compressed by the compressor to a higher pressure, and the work is consumed to raise the exhaust temperature. After that, the refrigerant isothermally exchanges heat with the surrounding media through the condenser, and transfers heat to the surrounding media.

After the refrigerant valve adiabatic expansion of the work, then the refrigerant temperature is reduced.

Finally, the refrigerant isothermal evaporator from the higher temperature of the object to absorb heat, so that the cooled object to reduce the temperature.

This cycle is repeated to cool the temperature.

1. The structure design of the test box is advanced and reasonable, and the supporting products and functional components have the international advanced level, which can meet the long-term, stable, safe and reliable production requirements.

It can meet users' requirements for processing and production for the above purposes, and is convenient for use, operation and maintenance, with long service life, beautiful shape and good user interface, so that users' operation and monitoring are more simple and intuitive.

2. The main components of the equipment are selected from high-quality products of well-known international brands to ensure the quality and performance of the whole machine.

3. Perfect equipment performance, simple man-machine dialogue function and easy operation.

4, with independent intellectual property rights and patent of appearance design, as well as grasp the environmental test chamber core technology 5, control instrument adopts imported from Japan "easy" control UMC1200, can implement the remote monitoring 6 USES the French original taikang compressor, refrigeration system, and is equipped with condensate water pans 7, the core electrical components adopt schneider imported famous brand such as 8, follow the foreign environmental testing equipment advanced design concept, water and electricity separation 9, shallow trough humidification, novel and unique, draw out water, super water tank in 10, at the bottom of the studio of the drainage groove design, to prevent condensation,

The lighting system adopts Philips suite and the observation window adopts funneled design to make the observation field wider. 12. Unique leakage protection design makes the operation safer

Cooling mode Compressor cooling.

Control stability ±0.5℃.

Distribution uniformity ±1.5℃.

Temperature deviation ≤±2℃.

Recommendation of similar products

The refrigeration system 1 adopts German "valley wheel" semi-enclosed compressor unit (7.5 pieces × 2) for low temperature refrigeration.

Other refrigeration components, such as American RANCO, SPORLAN, Switzerland "ALFALAVAL", DANFOSS, Italy CASTEL, Japan, such as the original imported famous brand products.

R404A is used for high temperature and R23 is used for low temperature.

The two stages are connected by a Swedish "Alfa Laval" plate-type exchanger, and the evaporator is used as both the evaporator at high temperature and the condenser at low temperature.

2. In order to ensure the safe operation of the system, it is necessary to set up protection systems such as high and low voltage control, overpressure and overload.

At the same time, in order to monitor the operation of the system, the high and low pressure terminals should be equipped with high and low pressure meters to monitor the operation of the system.

3. The cooling capacity adjustment adopts the shunt method.

4 Other refrigeration components are imported from American RANCO, SPORLAN, Switzerland "ALFALAVAL", DANFOSS, Italy CASTEL, Shiguya and other famous brands with original packaging.

Control system control system: TEMI880 temperature controller with LIQUID crystal display imported from Korea and schneider from France, Fuji from Japan and other electrical components constitute the electrical control system.

1 The controller adopts the menu operation mode in Chinese.

2. Minimum display resolution: 0.01℃.

3. Operation mode: fixed value and program operation.

4 control mode: continuous PID control.

Each program has a maximum of 99 steps. Each program can be connected.

Full loop, maximum 999 times, partial loop, maximum 99 times.

6. Power off recovery setting, including: the program stops execution after power off, and the program continues to run from the breakpoint after power on.

7. It can display the running time, number of segments, remaining time and repetition times of the program in real time;

The test data can be displayed, including set temperature, measured temperature, total running time, section running time, section remaining time, heating state, calendar time, etc.;

Temperature can be directly displayed numerically. 8 When setting the program, the program name can be written to facilitate searching.

9. When a fault occurs, the controller's LCD touch screen can display the fault number, and users can easily find the cause of the fault according to the fault number.

10 has a variety of alarm function options, including: absolute value alarm, deviation alarm, etc.

It shall have man-machine dialogue function, and can extend its function through standard RS232 communication interface to realize remote monitoring of the equipment.

Can carry on the program to skip and connect to run.

13 The controller has multiple PID parameters, which can divide the whole temperature range into multiple pids for control. The best control effect can be achieved within the temperature control range of the equipment, without self-tuning or manual PID parameter adjustment for each temperature control point.

14. The control system adopts solid-state relay zero-crossing trigger to reduce noise and pollution, facilitate maintenance and improve control accuracy.

Safety protection measures shall be provided in the control system, including: phase failure protection, phase sequence error protection, phase voltage unevenness protection, fan overload protection, over-temperature protection, power off protection, high voltage protection, unit overload protection, unit over-temperature protection, unit over-temperature protection, leakage protection, etc.

When one of the protection functions is implemented, the operation panel will display the alarm number on the LCD display to tell the user what kind of fault is present and cut off the power supply of the main circuit. The device can only be started after the fault is removed.

The control system is provided with a user-friendly operation panel, which is located at the upper left of the test box. Except for the operation buttons of power supply and lighting, other operations only need to be set in the controller.

17 Multiple process curves can be stored in the controller in advance, and only need to be called when needed without setting again.

18 In addition to the main controller, an independent overtemperature protector is also set in the system. Even if the main controller fails, the overtemperature protector can reliably disconnect the heating power to protect the safety of equipment and test products.

There is an interlock device in the electrical control system. The refrigeration unit and heating system cannot be started when the circulation fan is not started or when the unit is overloaded, and the refrigeration unit will be banned when the unit is over high pressure or under overload.

1, can set a variety of stress screening (rapid temperature change rate)5℃ ~ 25℃/ min test conditions.

2. Meet the requirements of stress screening of electronic equipment products, lead-free process, MIL-STD-2164, MIL-344A-4-16, MIL-2164A-19, Nabmat-9492, GJB-1032-90, GJB/Z34-5.1.6, IPC-9701...

And so on.

3. Executable and other mean temperature and mean temperature test methods.

4. Temperature stress screening test box ESS USES aluminum sheet to verify the load capacity of the machine (non-plastic load).

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