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Leakage trace tester

Leakage trace tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

According to standards:

IEC60112:2003 / GB4207-2003 & lt;

Determination of electric resistance of solid insulating materials to electric trace index and comparison electric trace index & GT;

, UL746A, ASTM D 3638-92, DIN 53480 and other standards specified simulation test items.

Astm D 6553-2014 Test Method for Assessment of Resistance to Electrical Trace and Corrosion by Electrical Insulating Materials Used under Harsh Environmental Conditions (IEC 60587:2007, IDT) ASTM D 6553-2014

Related products: LDQ-2 touch screen control model (suitable for GB/T4207-2003 ZUI high voltage 600V)

Product features

In solid insulation material on the surface, in the specified size (2 mm x 5 mm) between the platinum electrode, applying a voltage and timing (30 s) high (35 mm) dripping liquid droplet volume of pollution (0.1% NH 4 CL), to evaluate solid insulation material surface under combined electric field and medium pollution tolerance ability, compared to measure its electrical mark melt index (CT1) and mark the index (PT1).

Applicable Scope:

It is suitable for the research, production and quality inspection departments of lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tools, electric motors, electric tools, electronic instruments, electrical instruments, information technology equipment, and also suitable for insulating materials, engineering plastics, electrical connectors, auxiliary parts industries.

Performance parameters:

Electrode material test Electrode - Platinum, electrode connector - Silver (import)

Electrode size (2mm±0.1mm)×(5mm±0.1mm)×(40mm±5mm), platinum electrode size (12mm), 30°±2° bevel;

The electrode distance was 4.0mm±0.01mm and the included Angle was 60°±5°.

Electrode pressure: 1.00n ± 0.001n;

Try liquid resistance of A liquid 0.1% NH 4 Cl, 3.95 + / - 0.05 Ω m, 1.98 + / - 0.05 B fluid Ω m;

The volume of droplet was 0.380g ~ 0.480g, and 0.997g ~ 1.147g, respectively (with fine tuning).

Droplet height: 35mm±5mm(adjustable);

The droplet time is 30s±0.1s(better than the standard)(digital display, preset and adjustable), and the 50 droplet time is 24.5min±2min.

Droplet number 1 ~ 9999(digital display, preset);

Test wind speed 0.2m/s(new standard);

Test voltage 100V ~ 600V(25V indexing, adjustable);

When the power supply voltage drops 1.0a ± 0.1a, 8%;

The starting mark was 0.50a ±10% and 2.00S ±10%.

The external dimension is 600mm× 500mm× 1000mm; the exhaust aperture 100mm;

Test power supply 220V 0.6kVA 50-60Hz

Instrument (0.5 cubic) configuration list

Function \ Model LD-H button

SMC solenoid valve control system originated from Japan

Platinum electrode purity 99.8% or above;

Platinum length: 12mm

Electrode holder silver

Voltage regulation range is 10-600V

Electrode arm A304 stainless steel

Host controller button control

Safe operation interface window opens and automatically shuts off

Drop times were recorded

20 drops of liquid 0.380g~0.48g, 50 drops 0.997g~1.147g(fine tuning)

Pressure gauge for indentation recording

Data display header display

Time display header display

Test temperature recording meter head display

No ambient temperature record

Drop height recording depth gauge

When the exhaust system is powered on, the exhaust fan automatically draws air

Test solution A, 0.1%NH4CL(prohibited transport of dangerous goods, self-dispensed)

The weighing electronic scale has the precision of 0.1g

When the exhaust fan is powered on, the exhaust fan will draw air automatically. After the power is cut off, the fan will automatically run for 2 minutes

Ld-h is a keypad type, and DMS-TK is a touch screen leakage trace tester, according to IEC60112:2003 /GB4207-2003& LT;

Determination of electric resistance of solid insulating materials to electric trace index and comparison electric trace index & GT;

, UL746A, ASTM D 3638-92, DIN 53480, etc

Gldq-6553 touch-screen high voltage comprehensive upgrade!

7 "full color programmable controller touch screen +PLC control!

It is suitable for GB6553-2014 to test the electrical insulation material's resistance to electric trace and corrosion. It supports two product configurations of station 1 and station 5!

Ii. Functions and features of GLDQ-6553 high pressure touch screen

1. 7-inch full-color programmable controller touch screen +PLC control, automatic calibration of liquid flow rate

2. The use of high precision constant current hydraulic pump to ensure the absolute accuracy of the flow rate, not the general solenoid valve control can be compared

3. Detachable dripping device is adopted to facilitate cleaning of excess contaminant

4. Ultra-strong voltage and current protection alarm program can automatically detect the state of the device door. It cannot be tested when the door is in the open state, so as to ensure the safety of the test personnel

Iii. Main technical parameters of GLDQ-6553 touch screen high voltage

1. Test stations: 5 (another station is optional)

2. Applied voltage: 0 ~ 6000V±5% adjustable. When the current of the high-voltage loop reaches or exceeds 60mA for 2S in the test, the relay will act, cut off the current, and the buzzer alarm indicates that the test product is unqualified

3. Voltage, start, drain, switch, stop, exhaust and lighting can all be realized on the touch screen. The test data can be stored in the touch screen

4. Real-time display of voltage, dripping time, current, dripping velocity, device gate status, maximum current and experimental results

5. Size of filter paper: The filter paper shall be made in accordance with the standard size requirements. The thickness of filter paper shall be 0.15 ~ 0.17mm.

6. Liquid dropping device: high precision constant current liquid dropping device, adjustable height of liquid dropping device,

7. Dismountable dripping device facilitates cleaning of excess contaminant and prevents the contaminant from flowing into the tank to corrode the tank

8. The flow rate of contaminated liquid is 0.075 ~ 0.9ml/min, which can be automatically adjusted according to the voltage, so as to avoid the trouble of adjusting the flow rate again after the voltage adjustment

9. The liquid flow rate can be automatically checked to ensure the accuracy of the flow rate and the test accuracy (generally speaking, the solenoid valve control in the market cannot guarantee the accuracy of the flow rate and the uniformity of the liquid).

10. The dripping times, dripping time and test time can be preset.

11. Automatically judge and prompt the state of the door. When the door is open, the high-pressure test cannot be carried out, which effectively protects the safety of operators

12. Abnormal test voltage alarm.

13. Voltage over range alarm

14. Current overload protection, current overrange alarm.

15. Prompt the peak current value

16. The top is equipped with a quiet and backflow prevention and exhaust device. After the test, the smoke generated by combustion can be discharged

17. With lighting function

18. Automatic maintenance at the end of the test

19. Contaminant: Ammonium lu, isooctyl phenoxyethanol, non-ionic wetting agent mixed with distilled water or deionized water mixture.

Liquid pollution in (23) 1 ℃ resistivity should be Ω · m (3.95 and 0.05).

20. Electrode: The thickness of upper and lower electrode is 0.5mm, and it is 304 stainless material. The size is made in accordance with the standard size requirements.

21. Power requirement: AC220(±10%)V/50HZ, 3KW

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