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Respirator leakage tester

Respirator leakage tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Respiratory KZ leakage test is used to detect the filtration efficiency and protection effect of respiratory KZ and protective mask.

The test standard shall refer to GB2626-2019.

Gb2626-2019 Respiratory KZ leakage test conditions

1. Each mask shall be worn by 10 persons whose head and face size match according to its fitting range. Subjects shall shave their beards.

The mask shall be worn as appropriate by the subject, and the headband adjustment shall not be too tight or loose.

2. Detect the concentration of particulate matter in the test bin.

3. The filtration rate of the filter parts is higher than 99.997%. If the manufacturer does not have the filter parts with the oil mist filtration efficiency, the filter parts higher than 99.997% are allowed to be replaced during the test.

4. The sampling tube of the inspection warehouse shall be located in the active area of the subject's head. The sampling tube shall be installed on the sample under test, the interface shall be airtight, and the tube end shall be close to the mouth and nose area.


1. Pass the particulate matter into the detection bin, adjust the concentration to the stable concentration required by the test, start the air pump, and the airflow concentration is measured by the photometer.

2. The subject shall wear the mask correctly, make a preliminary air tightness check according to the usage method, and connect the sampling tube to the photometer appropriately.

3. Start the air pump and measure the airflow concentration inside the mask when subjects breathe in the smoke-free air outside the warehouse. Take 5 Numbers and the average background concentration.

4. Let the subjects enter the test chamber and complete the following actions according to the instructions. Measure the concentration of airflow in the mask under each action with 5 data respectively, and the average value is the leakage concentration of the action.

4.1. Breathe normally for 2 minutes;

4.2. Take a deep breath for 2 minutes;

4.3 Turn your head around and head up and down for 2 minutes;

4.4 Speak or read aloud for 2 minutes;

4.5. Walk for 2 minutes.

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