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Sanitary napkin absorption speed tester

Sanitary napkin absorption speed tester
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

Sanitary napkin absorption speed tester is composed of standard test module, arc sample holder, automatic liquid adding device and automatic timer

Detailed introduction

(1) Sanitary napkin absorption speed tester product introduction:

The absorption speed tester for sanitary napkin is composed of standard test module, arc sample holder, automatic liquid adding device and automatic timer

(1) Standard test module: the size was (76 ± 1) MMX (80 ± 1) mm, and the mass was (127.0 ±) 2.5G;

(2) Arc shaped specimen holder: length is (230 ± 1) mm, width is (80 ±) mm;

(3) Automatic liquid adding device: the liquid adding amount is (5.0 ± 0.1) ml, and the discharging speed is less than or equal to 3S;

(4) Automatic timer: resolution of 0.01s

(2) Test materials: Standard synthetic test solution, distilled water or deionized water

(3) Detection principle: the sanitary napkin is adhered to the arc-shaped sample holder of the absorption speed test competition, the standard test module is placed in the absorption area of the sample surface, the automatic liquid adding device adds a certain volume of standard synthetic test solution into the standard test module, and the timer records the time when the sanitary napkin completely absorbs the standard synthetic test solution, indicating its absorption speed.

The parts and materials supplied have been inspected and tested to ensure that they are free from defects and defects and will work properly when they are properly installed and operated on the manufactured instruments. The warranty period of parts (excluding consumable parts such as light source, optical element, friction cloth, etc.) is 6 months from the delivery date.

This guarantee is in lieu of any other warranty, express or implied. In any event, it shall be liable and liable for any special or indirect damages caused by breach of this warranty.

The responsibility is limited to the repair or replacement of any defective parts produced during on-board and factory delivery. There will be no warranty for damage to components caused by abuse, improper use, accident, change, neglect, unauthorized repair or installation. Zui has the final decision on the defect identification and the causes.

It reserves the right to make changes and improvements to its products, but has no obligation to carry out improvement and installation on the products already produced.

1.4 operating environment

The instrument is used in residential, commercial and light industrial environments in accordance with BS EN 50081-1 and BS EN 50082-1

1.5 climate environment

It has the right to change and improve its products, but has no obligation to carry out improvement and installation on the products already produced.

The instrument operates under the following conditions:

Altitude < 2000m

Operating temperature: 13 ~ 30 ℃ (56 ~ 86 ℃), relative humidity 25 ~ 75%

Storage temperature: 10-43 ℃ (50-110 f), relative humidity 20-80%

The instrument can be placed in the operation environment required by the standard, so as to ensure the operation consistency between the sample humidity adjustment and the actual wear test.

1.6 electrical information

The electrical requirements of this instrument comply with en 61010-1:2001, measurement, control and laboratory use.

1.7 installation type and pollution level

Installation category I

Pollution level 1

1.8 warning signs

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