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Water bath oscillator

Water bath oscillator
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

The thermostatic water bath oscillator has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple operation and high stability. It is an ideal equipment for laboratory staff.

The main characteristics of the water bath oscillator: 1. Temperature control precise digital display.

2. There are small waves in oscillation, but no splash.

3. With mechanical timing.

4. The universal spring bottle rack is especially suitable for the cultivation and preparation of biological samples for various comparative tests.

5. Stepless speed regulation, stable operation, simple and safe operation.

6. The inner cavity is made of stainless steel and has good corrosion resistance.

Working mode editing 1. Cyclotron oscillation: this working mode is also called circular oscillation. It rotates 360 ° on the horizontal plane. For example, when working in this way, the liquid being oscillated takes on a pre swirl state in the container to achieve uniform effect. 2. Reciprocating oscillation: as the name implies, it is the reciprocating oscillation during oscillation. The inertia is used to oscillate the sample. Why use this oscillation mode? When the liquid viscosity is relatively thick, the effect of this oscillation mode is much better than that of cyclotron oscillation. 3. Bifunctional oscillation: that is, the combination of gyration and reciprocating oscillation. Any working mode can be selected according to the sample properties and working requirements [1].

Please read this manual carefully before use. 2. The working plane of the machine should not be excessively smooth (e.g. tiles, etc.). 3. The electrical rated parameters of the socket provided by the user shall not be less than that of the machine, and good grounding measures shall be taken. 4. It is forbidden to use the whole machine in direct sunlight. 5. The speed regulation should start slowly from low speed to high speed. 6. The machine may shift when it vibrates at high speed, so it should be watched by someone.


Edit the operating instructions 1. Load the test bottle and keep the balance. If it is a dual function model, set the oscillation mode. 2. Turn on the power supply and set the timing time according to the machine surface scale. If it needs to work for a long time, set the timer to the "normally open" position. 3. Turn on the power switch and set the constant temperature: (1) put the control small switch in the "setting" section, and the temperature displayed on the display screen is the set temperature. Adjust the knob to set the temperature you need. (the working temperature set by you should be higher than the ambient temperature. At this time, the machine starts to heat up, and the yellow indicator light is on, otherwise the machine will not work) (2) put the small switch of the control part at the "measurement" end. At this time, the temperature displayed on the display screen is the actual temperature of the air in the test chamber. With the change of the air temperature in the box, the number displayed will also change accordingly. (3) When heating to the temperature you need, the heating will automatically stop and the green indicator light will be on; when the heat emission in the test chamber is lower than the temperature set by you, a new round of heating will start again. 4. Turn on the oscillation device: (1) turn on the oscillation switch on the control panel, and the indicator light is on. (2) Adjust the oscillation speed knob to the desired oscillation frequency. 5. After work, cut off the power supply and set the speed control knob and temperature control knob to the lowest point. 6. Clean the machine and keep it clean.

Operation notes edit 1. The worktable of the machine should not be too smooth. 2. It is forbidden to use the whole machine in direct sunlight. 3. The speed should be started slowly from low speed to high speed. 4. The machine vibrates at high speed, so it needs to be supervised. 5. The heating pipe should be completely immersed in water to prevent dry burning. 6. The amount of water added should be higher than that of heating pipe and lower than that of spring.

The appliance should be placed on a firm worktable, and the environment should be clean and tidy with good ventilation. 2. The power socket provided by users should be well grounded. 3. It is strictly forbidden to move the machine during normal operation. 4. Do not hit the machine. 5. Children are not allowed to approach the machine to prevent accidents. 6. Make sure that the power supply has been cut off before replacing the fuse. 7. Please clean the machine after use. No water drop or dirt remains

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