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Electrostatic attenuation tester for protective clothing

Electrostatic attenuation tester for protective clothing
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Editing time : 2020-10-21
Detailed introduction:

The main purpose

The electrostatic attenuation performance tester for medical protective clothing is used to measure the attenuation time of the sample from peak voltage to 10% after applying ±5000V voltage to textile clothing, medical protective clothing material, nonwoven fabric, composite material, thin film material and so on.

Applicable standards

GB 19082-2009 Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable Protective Clothing

IST40.2 (01) the Standard Test Method for Electrostatic Decay of Nonwoven Fabrics,

Technical indicators

1. Electrostatic attenuation performance tester for medical protective clothing the whole instrument is designed with four modules:

1) ±5000V voltage control module

2) High voltage discharge module;

3) Attenuation voltage random test module;

4) Electrostatic attenuation time test module;

2. Electrostatic high-voltage source: ±5500V;

Test electrostatic voltage: 0 ~ ±5kV

3. Selection range of electrostatic attenuation: 0 ~ 100% (0 ~ 90%)

4. Discharge time range: 0 ~ 99.99s /m/h, accuracy: ±0.01s

5. Attenuation time test range :0 ~ 99.99s/m/h, accuracy: ±0.01s

6. Sample size: 89mm× (152±6) mm

7. Equipment functions: display the attenuation voltage-time curve of the sample surface in real time, and the attenuation ratio can be set.

And generate test reports

8. Test box: A sealed box composed of plexiglass.

The replacement sample can be operated transparently.

9. Power supply: AC220v;

50 hz.

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