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Fabric dilatometer

Fabric dilatometer
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Detailed introduction:

The bursting strength tester is divided into two kinds. One is hydraulic bursting and pneumatic bursting through hydraulic acting on the test sample above the rubber eardrum. The tested sample bursting is used to test the Z high pressure value and bursting height of knitted, woven, non-woven, paper and cardboard paper during bursting.

The hydraulic automatic bursting tester adopts high-precision pressure sensor and imported non-contact linear displacement sensor to accurately test the bursting force and height of the bursting moment of the sample.

Transparent imported acrylic test cup, easy to observe the swelling and breakage of samples.

High power electric push rod, high torque, stable and accurate pressure, Z high pressure up to 6000kPa.

A variety of test cups are available.

Digital hydraulic bursting tester, automatic hydraulic bursting tester, pneumatic bursting tester test range:

Including textile products, non-woven cloth, paper, plastic and other flake materials.

Digital hydraulic bursting tester | automatic hydraulic bursting tester | bursting tester product parameters:

A) Test pressure range: zUI large 6000kPa (800PSI)

B) Test zUI large height: 70mm;

C) Test mode: various modes including automatic, constant speed expansion and rupture, positioning and moving expansion and rupture, and constant pressure cyclic stretching;

D) Test cup size: diameter 30mm, diameter 30.5mm, diameter 31.5mm, diameter 35.7mm, diameter 79.8mm, diameter 112.8mm;

E) Test cup clamping control mode: double button control and touch screen control;

F) Automatic test of test cup model;

G) Test cup operation includes: acrylic cover protection;

H) The number of test samples can be preset;

I) Eardrum automatic reset;

J) Touch screen control, automatic saving of test data, one-button transmission of data to the computer;

K) Computer software (not included) can receive test data in real time;

L) Data can be saved directly to the computer in Microsoft Excel format;

M) Online printing of computer software;

N) The computer software saves the report to the computer hard disk;

O) Free switching of computer software units of measurement, free of manual calculation by users;

P) Test cup pneumatic pressure, fast clamping sample, stable and reliable, convenient for users to install the sample, improve work efficiency;

Q) Power supply: AC230V, 50Hz

R) air source: not less than 7bar, clean compressed air

S) Size: 835 (L)x 550 (W) x 950 (H)mm

T) Weight: about 185kg

| automatic hydraulic bursting instrument | bursting instrument test standard:

ASTM D3786-06, BS 3424-6-B, ISO 13938-1, ISO 3303-B, ERT 80-4.02, GB/T 7742.1

Founded in 2011, Shanghai Huitao is a team of experienced engineers and emerging design experts. The company focuses on R & D, design and production of high quality laboratory instruments for textile testing. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company provides high-quality testing instruments and high-quality professional services for companies, academic research institutions and testing institutions of various countries.

Shanghai Huitao continuously launched products to meet the experimental needs of the textile industry. It has advanced microclimate comfort test equipment, such as thermal manikin, thermal and humidity resistance tester, MMT and other test equipment. Meanwhile, it also provides air permeability tester, hydrostatic pressure tester and thermal protective clothing performance test equipment required for new product development. In addition, we have developed and produced many basic textile testing instruments, including washing color fastness tester, fabric abrasion tester, pilling tester, rubbing color fastness tester, ironing fastness tester and perspiration color fastness tester. These high-quality products are widely used in textile testing field. In order to meet the experimental needs of users, we also provide you with innovative and practical testing instruments. The products include fiber tester, yarn tester, fabric tester, carpet tester, geotextile tester and other related testing equipment.

The company sells our products through distributed distribution partners who provide high-quality products, services and support to our customers all over the world. All the products are in line with international quality standards and specifications, and can perform outstanding and accurate product performance.